“Threads of Faithfulness” helps readers relive the tumultuous time surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the Vietnam War and the Christian revival that occurred during that period. Some people call the revival “The Jesus Movement,” others “The Fourth Great Awakening,” others “A Great Awakening” and still others like President Ronald Reagan “A Great Spiritual Awakening.” Sadly, most are too young to remember it, so “Threads of Faithfulness” helps them understand the turmoil and passion of the revival.”

“The collapse of the Ohio River Bridge on highway U.S. 35 connecting Gallipolis, Ohio, and Point Pleasant, W.Va., has brought tragedy to many American families. We are shocked by this cruel tragedy and loss of life. We must prevent similar tragedies elsewhere in the Nation. We must assure ourselves that other bridges will be safe for our people. All Americans have a vital interest in obtaining answers to the questions raised by the collapse of the Ohio River Bridge. That bridge and many others serve as vital links in our national highway and rail system…” —Statement by President Lyndon B. Johnson

Threads of Faithfulness brings clarity to the muddled history of an inspiring revival within God’s faithful remnant, His miraculous apparitions, and His blessings upon America, Israel, and their allies during the Vietnam War. These intertwined threads confirm that God continues to lead His dear children along just as He did in biblical times, as He profoundly steps through the portals of time to again and again rescue His dear children.

In retrospect, history reveals the revival occurring and God leading His dear children along during the following matrix of events: (1) President John F. Kennedy’s assassination; (2) the Vietnam War; (3) American terrorists, spies and traitors; and (4) the Six-Day Arab-Israeli War. When things seemed hopeless and perhaps the United States of America was in danger of being overthrown, God miraculously intervened. Just like when King Darius had Daniel placed in the Lions’ Den, God heard the prayers of His people and rescued the United States of America from the “lions” instigating the matrix of events listed above.

As these interlaced threads of history and faithfulness are separated the veil of secrecy surrounding the Silver Bridge disaster at Point Pleasant, West Virginia on December 15, 1967 is parted. This shroud of secrecy crescendos in the official report by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) which left several indispensible parts of their inquiry unresolved.

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